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Standard Mine / Mining Valsertal, Tyrol, Alps

The former russian prisoner of war Iwan Korolew has desperately been looking for his Tyrolean daughter for sixty years.

Who knows a lady, born 1946 with forename "Gala" or "Galina"? Tips wanted!

During the winter of 1943 an avalanche dragged the barracks under. Many prisoners of war died, the Ukrainian Iwan Korol survived. He was brought to a hospital and got to know the 20 year old nurse Rose (Rosemaria, Roswitha ?) and they fell in love. After World War II Iwan Korol had to leave Austria to the Ukraine. 1946 their daughter Gala was born.

Since December 2006 Tyrolean authorities have been looking for these women to reunite them with Iwan Korolew. It is only known that Gala learned the Russian language and worked for embassies in Moscow and Paris.

Whatever happened in those molybdenum-mines and those Austrian prisons of war high up the mountains (Alps) is still unknown until today.

Source: Gabi Starck, Ehemaliger Kriegsgefangener sucht Frau und Tochter in Tirol, Tiroler Tageszeitung, 13. Dezember 2006.

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