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Standard AW: Drei Elende aus dem Mittelalter

So will ich mich als Fabrikator der Ballade auch noch zu Wort melden.

Vorweg mal vielen Dank für das Lob.
Zum Zweiten wollte ich in die Runde fragen, ob jemand einen englischen Native-Speaker mit Anglistik- bzw. lyrischem Background kennt, der gerne mal über meinen Versuch die Ballade ins Angelsächsische zu übertragen rüberlesen will. Obwohl mir das englische Poem durch Lord Byron, Kipling etc. durchaus vertraut ist, ist Englisch nicht meine Muttersprache. Wäre klass' wenn wir so noch den einen oder anderen "Holperer" rausbekommen könnten. Vielleicht machen wir dann noch eine englisch gesprochene Version des Films. Danke im Voraus.

Three wretches

Lo and behold yonder story
Of three wretches' misery
Forlornly roaming in their worry
Sans honour, their morals blurry
And learn of what their tale might be


Tankred was of noble breed
Whose heritage came asunder
By adversary’s evil deed
Foemen forced him in their greed
To flee his home and wander

So he embraced papal decree
Donning crusade's attire
The holy lands he went to see
Fought saracens by sacred plea
With effort, sword and fire

To battle the infidels horde
Made him abhor the slaying
of countles enemies he gored
inspired him to pledge his sword
to the Knight Templars' swaying

To shield and to protect the weak
This oath he vowed not lightly
To pilgrims most devout and meek
On holy journeys dire'n bleak
He'll be a guardian brightly


Peril, pain, tormenting plight
Are pilgrim's travel-fellows
On the trail to sacred site
A-wandering from dawn to night
Their sting churchwardly mellows

But when a palmer doth decide
To follow atonement's path
The cause in days of yore incite
In former wrongs he longs to right
To thwart his conscience's wrath

Balthasar here, a sinner too
Devout, forgiveness craving
His burden great, his life askew
By rage and greed destroyed true
Hoped for deliv'rance' saving

Once upon a distant day
His spouse he found a-slumber
Beside a stranger in the hay
In intimate embrace they lay
Bereft garments to encumber

It was a nobleman most lewd
Who lured his wife to treason
The onlooker's enragement grew
His wrathful dirk gave them their due
'Til blood ran red beneath'em

The ghastly canvas that he drew
Woke in him repent purely
The two adulterers he slew
Deeply veiled in crimson dew
Will earn him hell most surely

Now that the ire subsided
The atrocity is plain
By hasty deed, misguided
Their cruel demise decided
His hence and future pain

With tense and bloodstained finger
He took the wooers purse
Made the slain his fortune-bringer
And he felt no urge to linger
Fled home from bad to worse

To soothe his torment's ragin'
for Compostela he did head
Thus avoided justice's wagin'
Trial, verdict, rightful cagin'
And indulged in wealth instead

And because each christened soul
Can hope for absolution
He granted to himself parole
For pilgrim's penance will console
And serve as retribution


A rover's scant and woeful lot
Is a life of meager blessings
Shunned and starving, ill-begott'
Weak and tired of "having-not"
A-clad in pauper's dressings

Thusly dwelled yonder lad
Young Everd called by name
Outlawed - and since walks in dread
The roadside ditch his night-time bed
Vagabond all the same

And while he roams through frigid air
With naught but life to cling to
He dreams of Gold an wenches fair
But all is birthed by grim despair
Mere thought, no truth to link to

Thusly deprived of basic need
No helpful alms were handed
Piqued by the clawing urge to feed
The road leads towards evil deed
One ends up a caitiff bandit

To dabble in the muggers trade
After apt consideration
Bodes vile - but with decision made
Bends virtues to a darker shade
Though leads out of deslolation


The chimes of silver and of gold
From well-filled pouch emergin'
Sang of aliments manifold
Everd - harken and behold
Thy luck will turn a-surgin'

He stalks his fleeing quarry
Wielding his bodkin blade
To end the pilgrim's sorry
And wretched life of worry
For there is plunder to be made

But Fortuna casts a smile
Upon the chased'n battered soul
Fleeing the highwayman most vile
By putting shelter on his trail
Makes templars rest his goal

Calling upon the camping knight
To deliver him from crisis
The pilgrim begging him to smite
The bandit - who appears to sight
And clash of arms arises


When Tankred wrestled down his foe
And to the ground did send him
Helpless before him, full of woe
Everd awaits the final blow
The pilgrim roars to end him!

The knight remembers days of war
When blood he spilled a-plenty
While knowing not the reason for
The carnage - and wishs nevermore
Commit a deed thus empty

The pilgrim's shout keepeth anon
His sword he shall thrust truly
To slay for good the wicked one
Because it's fair and justly done
Well deserved and overduely

But weary of his dreadful trade
He weighs his scope of action
The journeyman's macabre tirade
The scoundrels meager life forfeit
And picks the latter faction

Alms he gives from pilgrim's purse
To the moribound rover
Bewilderment and strife disperse
But none of them is off the worse
And the argument is over


Who wretchedly prowls far from home
Is well advised by sharing
With fellows who do also roam
Through relentless lands unknown
And to uphold a gentle bearing

Thus soothe your wrath, me angry lad
And have the strength to choose it
Harness wisdom's might instead
And have faith to use thy head
Instead of merely lose it
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