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Please contribute myths and urban legends from your country! is the database on myths and urban legends from Europe. Many information on folklore and cultural anthropology, forum and huge photogalery.

At the moment we offer more than 18.000 stories and more than 10.000 photos mainly from Europe in German language (urban legends partially in English as well).
Readers would highly appreciate more international contributions. is read from all over the world by many thousand readers daily!

Please note, that is a scientific project without any commercial interest, free of any advertisements and free of any valuing comments. Anyway sponsors are more than highly welcome!

Please send urban legends, traditional myths and fairy tales from your country!

You are invited to send your contribution via Email, via Postal service or via Fax (+43 512 507 2777)

Photos with cultural background from your region are highly welcome in our photogalery!

Send pictures is well!

In case of traditional myths it would be fine, if you would like to add photos from the place the myth takes place!

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Editorial staff: Mag. Berit Mrugalska Wolfgang Morscher

Did you hear a story which seems to be an urban legend? Did you hear about a well known urban legend, but as a new variant? Is there a story someone told you, he heard from a friend of a friend?
Did you hear about spook and ghosts?
Do you want to share legends or fairy tales, you allways wanted to tell?
Would you like to translate European myths into english?
We are also looking for other themes and material concerning folklore to publish here!

Myths and legends to above pictures (in German language):

Gargoyle: foto sent by Werner Haas
Magician: picture library
Castle Juval, South Tyrol: picture library
Church St. Prokulus, South Tyrol: picture library
St. Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna: foto sent by Tanja Beinstingl
Pyramid of stones in Austria: foto sent by Tanja Beinstingl
Mouse found in Hamburger: picture library