About the anthology SAGEN.at

SAGEN.at is the largest web-collection of german-language legends from all over Europe containing about
18.000 texts. Many information on folklore and cultural anthropology, forum and huge photogalery.

At the moment (August 2007) you will find urban legends from Italy and Romania and traditional legends from the Dolomites in English language.

We are very pleased if you want to send texts, photos or background-information!

Please note:

  Legends can be sent in any form (Email, CD-Rom, letter etc.)
Please try to quote the exact source and region of the country.
  own texts or texts, on which you have copyright, are welcome in any form.
  Texts from third persons, eg background-information or literature-fairytales can only be published if the author died more than 70 years ago due to copyright-reasons.
  "Contemporary Legends" (Urban legends) are highly welcome! As you stay author, we need your valid email-adress.
  If you know own legends, feel free to send them in your own words.
  We are pleased by photos or other pictures about the region, the legends take place.
Photos on all themes of cultural anthropology can be uploaded by yourself in our photogalery!
  We are pleased, if you want to send own fairytales.
  Variants to legends, particular to contemporary legends, are highly welcome.
  If you search a legend or fairytale from a specific region in middle-Europe, we can try to find it in german language.
  If you send corrections, translations or suggestions for improvements, your notice is welcome.
  There is no obligation to publish for us on all contributions.

Please note, SAGEN.at is without advertising, independent and without any valuation.
SAGEN.at is an anthology of narrative texts with scientific criteria.
Financing is privately by the author, benefaction is possible.

Sponsorship is welcome!

SAGEN.at thanks:

all who contribute texts and photos!

Responsible and author of SAGEN.at:

Wolfgang Morscher
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
A-6020 Innsbruck